FEA Information Inc. is a privately owned company maintaining a community for the promotion of technical engineering information through websites and monthly free e-mail magazine.  FEA Information activities include, websites dedicated to specific applications, the LS-DYNA AVI Library, publication website and a free monthly newsletter by e-mail. Participants to this effort are industry leaders in software & hardware solutions. 

 Among our  application sites:

Auto Meshing
Aerospace Information
Auto Acoustics Vibration
CAE Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computer Aided Engineering
Crash Optimization
Drop Testing
FEA Publications
Fluid-Structure Interaction
Geomaterial Modeling
Heat Transfer Analysis
HPC Servers - High Performance Computing Servers
HPC Linux Clusters - High Performance Computing Linux Clusters
HPC Cluster Server -  High Performance Compute Cluster Server
Implicit FEA
Linux for PC
Linux for Servers
LS-DYNA Consultants
LS-DYNA Conferences
LS-DYNA - China
Massively Parallel Computers
Metal Forming Simulation
Tube Hydroforming
UnderWater Shock Analysis