30-day Demo License - LS-DYNA

On Behalf of LSTC, Developer of LS-DYNA

Complete with LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost,
                    LS-OPT, LSTC ATD and Barrier Models.

I will need the following information via email.

email subject line must say "Demo Request"
     email should be mailed to Marsha     

     1. Full Name
     2. Company, University, or if it is for self.
     3. Address - STATE - COUNTRY
     4. email address
     5. Application (optional but interesting to me)
     6. Any ideas, I would be pleased to know

I will return, demo, published price list. This way you
have your references for review.

We also offer a study version for engineers/students
     US annual $100 for 10k elements 6 months    $50
     US annual $200 for 20k elements 6 months $100

1. We have a monthly pdf FEA Information
     Engineering Solutions - technical, no ads
2. If you do not wish to receive it, let me know.
3. If you would first like to see a copy please let me know.

If I can assist in any way helping you to get set up
with LS-DYNA I will be pleased to help.

Best Regards, Marsha -FEA Information
    If you ever can't reach LSTC or FEA email you can
    always reach me at my horse website: